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Hacking Lineapelle

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The Limonta 2022 edition of Lineapelle was dedicated both to the presentation of the SS23 textile novelties and artistic reinterpretations of the Limonta hundred-year-old archive, organized in three themes, ‘Heritage Alpha’, ‘Borderless’ and ‘Misplaced’.

‘A Very Long Sample’ is the trait d'union of these themes, featuring many of the company's materials sewn together in a 40 mt. long piece that becomes the sensorial center of the exhibition, whilst displaying the company's productive versatility and expertise.

Alongside with the central piece, five samples taken from the 100 year old Limonta archive were reinterpreted in the LMNT project by the calligrapher Nicolò Giacomin.

Filmed by: Marta Vismara, Photos: © Isabella Magnani, Custom Calligraphy: © Nicolò Giacomin

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